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Upcycle Sand Co. works closely with superintendents to examine their bunker sand quality and address one of their biggest membership complaints. We work together to decide the amount of bunkers to tackle in a particular time frame, considering budget, and create a plan of action. Before our work begins, a staging area that has a continuous water supply and subsequent “run-off” location is chosen. A course will typically start to stockpile sand in anticipation of our arrival. Once our machine and technician are on-site, we will begin the washing process. Our goal is to get your sand cleaned in a budget or time frame that works for you and your crew members. We can manage the removal and replacement from start to finish or work in conjunction with your existing grounds crew members. Any configuration of time or budget, we can accommodate you. Let’s get those bunkers back in play!

Here at Rivershore Golf Links, we have used the sand saver to recondition over 600 cubic yards of contaminated bunker sand with great results. The reconditioned sand compares almost exactly the same as new sand from the supplier on particle size analysis tests and it has performed extremely well in our renovated bunkers.

- Alex Inglis Superintendent, Rivershore Golf & Country Club

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