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Bunkers are seen as a staple in golf course design to challenge players and enhance the visual appeal of the landscape. However, with the cost of sand replacement rising, golf courses require options that fit into their budget. Eliminating bunkers that seldom come into play, educating golfers on bunker etiquette, and making a short and long term plan for bunker maintenance is key. Our goal is to help you create a plan that is manageable, both financially and logistically, to keep a consistent experience for your golfers. The initial savings is only the beginning; our customers have found a huge reduction in labour costs once our work is complete. This sustainable, cost-effective maintenance program will ensure your sand doesn’t get away from you in the future.

The Upcycle Process

A staging area that is suitable for washing and stockpiling sand is typically selected during the consultation process. Once a sufficient stockpile is available, our technician will set-up the machine and begin the washing process. Contaminated sand is loaded into the hopper and gets fed onto the initial phase screen deck. Large debris particles such as rocks, grass, sticks, and clay chunks are removed in this first stage. The screened sand then falls into an auger wash bath that separates the sand particles from the unwanted silt and clay. The clean sand falls from the wash auger into a pile, ready to be reinstalled.

Rejuvenate Your Sand

While there isn’t a set standard for bunker sand quality, a study by K.W. Brown and J.C. Thomas found that specific characteristics heavily influenced playability and drainage. We stand behind our end product and provide a comparative sieve analysis of your contaminated vs. clean sand to show the improvement. We analyse particle size distribution, angularity/sphericity, angle of repose, bulk density, flow rate and crusting. Understanding these characteristics of your sand will allow you to make the appropriate changes to your bunkers.

Production Rate

Our second prototype was completed in the summer of 2019 and cleans 7-10 yards of sand per hour, 350-500 yards per week. Depending on square footage and sand depth, we can typically clean 9-12 bunkers per 50-hour wash week.

We were very pleased and surprised with the Sand Saver’s performance. Pleased with how quick and easy it was to set up & surprised by the amount of silt & rock that was removed from our bunker sand that had been contaminated. The quality of the washed sand was as good as new! The Sand Saver restored the original colour and texture.

- Matt Mamone, Assistant Greens Superintendent Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort, Victoria

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